We help industrial companies to reduce cleaning costs by up to 50% with our autonomous robots.

Easy and efficient

Autonomously, without startup time and programming, the KEMARO 900 cleans where it is needed. It creates its own cleaning map, identifies and bypasses objects in its way. Smart and sustainable, with a battery runtime of up to five hours, the K900 features a 35 litre inbuilt waste container. A reduction in airborne dust can have positive health effects for your workers while less dust pollution minimises wear and tear on machinery and equipment, among other things.

The KEMARO 900 replaces the need for manual cleaning by costly personnel.

These companies already clean autonomously with a KEMARO

Plug in, charge and clean. It's that easy!

Whether in a warehouse, workshop or industrial plant, the KEMARO 900 relieves your employees and cleans even in places that are potentially dangerous for people.

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Main Features

Simple but smart - the most important features of the K900 at a glance

Dust Exhaust System

The K900 extraction system is designed to effectively vacuum dust and thus reduces airborne pollution in your facility.

Automatic Charging Station

If the battery level is low, the K900 docks at the charging station autonomously and resumes cleaning operation as soon as the battery is charged.

No chemicals, No Water

The K900 cleans the floor without chemicals or water, leaving a dry, clean floor and no environmentally harmful residue.

Plug and Play

Our autonomous sweeping robots are ready to go right out of the box, with no additional set-up required. Plug in, charge and the K900 maps and cleans its surroundings completely independently.

Online Services

Manage and configure the robot's activities, view cleaning reports, schedule cleaning times, automatic updates and online support.

Simple Area Delimitation

You would like to exclude certain areas from cleaning? No problem, either flexibly via markings or virtually via programming.

Storage Halls &

Pallet Warehouses

Industrial Plants

Safety Zones


Reinigungsfläche bis 10'000m2
Reinigungsbreite 90cm

Gerätehöhe 35cm

45 Liter Schmutzbehälter

bis 5h Akkulaufzeit

30 km Gewicht


1000 m²/h
Cleaning Capacity

Appliance height 35 cm
Cleaning width 90 cm

35 L
Dust container

up to 5 h
Battery life

32 kg

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Customer Feedback

"We attest the K900 the best sweeping capabilities. Since the robot has been in use, our halls are clean every day. There is no longer any need for cleaning before audits, and the amount of dirt has now leveled off at 35 liters a day. And if you listen carefully, you can hear the hall floors squeaking happily."

SCHERM Gruppe Borken DE, warehouse manager

"The KEMARO is a considerable aid in our business and area hard to access in our high racks is significantly cleaner. The machine’s performance could be programmed and optimized according to our specific floor space. Our personnel would not want to be without the machine."

Landi Distribution Center Dotzigen, Head of Department Support Conveyor Technology / IT Logistics

"You can see the difference! Since we have had the KEMARO in operation, we have been able to reduce manual cleaning to a minimum."

Coop Distribution Center Bern, Team Leader Order Picking

"The K900 finds its way around our warehouse environment perfectly. It cleans areas between our sliding storage racks that previously remained largely dirty. We are amazed every morning at how much dirt the robot has swept. The performance is great and cannot be compared in any way with our conventional, manual cleaning. In short, we are very satisfied with the robot and the service we have received."

Hawle Armaturen AG Sirnach, operations manager

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In August 2016, the three engineers Armin Koller, Thomas Oberholzer and Martin Gadient from Switzerland founded KEMARO AG. After the young entrepreneurs brought the world's first autonomous dry-cleaning robot for industrial use to market with the K800, they followed up in 2020 with the K900 (cleaning width 900 mm). KEMARO’s product range as well as the company is growing, hiring their first employee in November 2019. Successful financing enables to expand the workforce further and the three founders are now joined by six highly skilled employees at the headquarters in Eschlikon, Thurgau (as of November 2020).
Throughout 2020, new sales and distribution partners were contracted in the DACH region (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland), increasing KEMARO AG’s reach and international recognition.

Our Team

CO-FOunder / mechanics & production

Martin Gadient

B.Sc. FH Systemtechnik

Co-Founder / Distribution & marketing

Thomas Oberholzer

Dipl. Ing. FH Systemtechnik
MAS Software Engineering


Armin Koller

Dipl. Ing. FH Systemtechnik
MAS Software Engineering


Christoph Jähnig

Sales Manager


Sarah Kleinstein

MechaniCS & PRoduCtion

Simon Möckli

B.Sc. FH Maschinenbau


Roman Leuzinger

Dipl. El-Ing. ETH


Philipe Just

B.Sc. FH Systemtechnik
M.Sc. Industrial Engineering


Joel Erzinger

B.Sc. FH Systemtechnik


Samuel Nyffenegger

M.Sc. ETH Masch.-Ing.


Dominic Streiff

M.Sc. ETH Software.- Ing


Justin Hehli

B.Sc. FH Systemtechnik

mechanics & production

Dardi Lesi

Polymechaniker EFZ

mechanics & production

Patrick Hofstetter

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